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Exclusive Interview with Rodrigo Rodrigues

Updated: Jan 18, 2022


Written and directed by Rodrigo Rodrigues

- First of all, congratulations for your remarkable and Finalist feature film! How’d you get into cinematography?

Thanks for the support of Madrid Film Awards Judges!

Goitaca was my first feature film that I got involved in Cinematography.

As writer, Director and Producer of the feature film Goitaca, decisions had to be made very last minute, some shots of the film I had in mind to do my self and I did so. At the end of the film, there were three Directors of Photography, including my self. - How would you define your personal experience with cinema as a filmmaker?

Cinema as filmmaker, makes me to be the creator of my own realities, people beleave in it, trough their own experiences while watching my films, as this give them a new way of thinking.

- Which directors do you think have influenced you in your work and why?

Hayao miyazaki (Spirited Away), Elem germanovich klimov (Come and see), Ron Fricke (Baraka), Zachary Edward Snyder (Watchmen), Guillermo del toro (Pan's Labyrinth), Quentin Jerome Tarantino (Kill Bill).

Pure life reality and truth. Art cures people, when truth is not hidden.

- How was the relationship with your team during the filming?

My relationship with my team during filming was stragithfoward and firm, but friendly and caring when necessary.

- Has the film met your expectations when planning it?

Depends of the day and how I awake in the morning. But over all, Yes.

- We know this is your first feature film and it is a promising start!

How did the idea come about?

The idea came about, from the many times I stayed alone in the Jungle in Brazil, there I learned in the dark silence and some times very noisy night time, how to be alone to speake in the name of nature, using the 7th Art of truth as a tool to freely speak out loud.

– Can you tell us something about your next job?

Yes, sure! I am directing my next feature film which is ready to go into pre-production.

Will have some more info soon at the website

Thanks so much!

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Film Goitaca

Rodrigo Rodrigues

Film Director

Visual Effects Student at University of West London


-- Thank you for giving us the opportunity to speak with you!

We will be attentive to your next jobs!

Madrid Film Awards I Press Team



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