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(Narrative, Documentary, Animation and Experimental)

"Hamleyed" by Pedro Blanco-Uribe
(Narrative, United States) - NOMINEE

"The Chimera" by Niccolò Notario

(Narrative, Italy) - NOMINEE

Narrative, Italy) - NOMINEE

"Ashes" by Mustapha Farmati
Narrative, Morocco) - NOMINEE

"Tierra del Fuego" by Oleksandr Lozytskyi
(Documentary, Ukraine) - NOMINEE

"Bosnian Broadway" by Jasmina Beširević
(Documentary, Croatia) - NOMINEE

"Julieta y la Luna" by Milena Castro Etcheberry
(Documentary, Chile) - NOMINEE

"Curiosa" by Tessa Moult-Milewska
(Animation, United Kingdom) - NOMINEE

"You Must Have Come From Hell" by Hayfaa Chalabi
(Animation, Sweden) - NOMINEE

"Aiken Trilogy" by Luca Coassin
(Experimental, Italy) - NOMINEE

"An Ice Thing to Say (Short)" by Mayra Stergiou & Spy Aronis
(Experimental, Greece) - NOMINEE

"The Secret Life Of Jim" by Emmet Kelly
Narrative, Ireland)

"For I Am Dead" by Patricia Delso Lucas
Narrative, Belgium)

Narrative, China)

"PERSON" by Álvaro García Mohedano
Narrative, Spain)

"Endless Shades" by René Rodlauer
Narrative, Colombia)

"Domingo Tutorials" by Miguel Pertejo
Narrative, Spain)

"Copper & Nickel" by Christopher Shenkman

(Narrative, United Kingdom)

"Elena" by Mateo Cingu
Narrative, Albania)

"UNTIL WHEN?" by Ricardo Soares
Narrative, Brazil)


"Anacleto Said No" by Hugo Bastias
Narrative, Portugal)


"Forget Me Not" by ZhengHui Chen
Narrative, China)


"Behind The Wall" by Tanya Gambourg
Narrative, United States)

"Changing Tide" by Gabe Canto
Narrative, Brazil)

"Young Love In a Dirty Place" by Reinis Spaile

(Narrative, Latvia)

"Child's play" by Christopher Orzói
Narrative, Hungary)

"The mine of the sound" by Romina Del Rosario
(Documentary, France)

"Below the Rise" by Massimo Soto
(Documentary, United States)

"Daesh´s children" by César Fernández Rollán, Miguel Ángel Poveda Criado & Nuria Sáez Torres
(Documentary, Spain)

"The Nicoyan Secret" by Jenny Luisa Barruol

(Documentary, France)

"Getsemaní" by Emma Vázquez Costa

(Documentary, Spain)

""Looking Forward" by Baker Zhan Bohan, Cindy Liu Tiantian, Kevin Xia Hongbo, Ricky Zhou Yuxuan & Stanley Yu Haowen

(Documentary, China)

"SABINA: Prey for the Hunter" by Nicole Ruth Starrett & Marcus T. Thomas (Animation, United States)

"Tug of War" by Filipa Castro
(Animation, United Kingdom)

"Alarme: An addition to your auditory rolodex" by Andrew M Mezvinsky & Giuseppe Onelia
(Animation, Austria)

"IXCHEL" by Ana Baer & Rocio Luna
(Experimental, Mexico)

"TERMINUS" by Jamie Weston
(Experimental, United Kingdom)

""RADIX 2 by Cristiano Leone
(Experimental, Italy)

"PERIPLANETA" by Barbara Peikert
(Experimental, Switzerland)

(Narrative and Documentary)


"Guthlee Ladoo" by Ishrat R Khan
(Narrative Feature Film, India) - NOMINEE

"Barbara Krafftówna. An Actress in Wonderland" by 
Maciej Kowalewski & Piotr Konstantinow
(Documentary Feature Film, Poland) - NOMINEE

"The Desire To Live" by Mariam Avetisyan
(Documentary Feature Film, Armenia) - NOMINEE

"Bad Joke" by Matteo La Capria
(Half-length Film, France) - NOMINEE

"Finding the End of the World" by Fabián Corres
(Narrative Feature Film, Mexico)

"Bunny" by Nilesh S G Upadhye
(Narrative Feature Film, India)

"Met Mes" by Sam de Jong
(Narrative Feature Film, Netherlands)

"Um Palmo" by Wagner Sampaio
(Narrative Feature Film, Brazil)

"Pessoas" by Arturo Dueñas Herrero
(Narrative Feature Film, Spain)

"Sanjay On Call" by Jayan Naduvathazhath
(Narrative Feature Film, India)

"For Hannah" by John Wesley Norton
(Narrative Feature Film, United States)

"Taanakkaran" by Tamil Arasan

(Narrative Feature Film, India)

"Sunflower in the dark" by Li Xu

(Narrative Feature Film, China)

"Venice Elsewhere" by Elia Romanelli
(Documentary Feature Film, Italy)

"Occupation. An Island Story (Otchupâtion. L'Histouaithe d'eune Île)" by Tristan Tull
(Documentary Feature Film, United Kingdom)

"ON THESE MOUNTAINS" by Andrea Sbarretti

(Documentary Feature Film, Italy)

"Pico Reja. The truth buried beneath." by Remedios Malvárez & Arturo Andújar
(Documentary Feature Film, Spain)

"They Belong - The Return To Banff National Park" by Mike Wivell
(Documentary Feature Film, Canada)

"Still Suffering" by Diana Puzikova
(Documentary Feature Film, United States)


"Ayurveda - The science of Life" by Helmut Lechthaler
(Documentary Feature Film, Italy)

"X OR Y" by Shadab khan

(Half-length Film, India)

"The Pleasants Effect" by Pete Levine
(Half-length Film, United States)

"A History of Violence in the Northeast" by Yong Wang

(Half-length Film, China)

"Last and First Woman" by Adnan Siddique

(Half-length Film, United States)


"Streak Of Haze" by Lisanne Leuders & Luisa Teruel Delgado
(Music Video - Germany) - NOMINEE

"The End" by David Podgornik
(Music Video - Slovenia) - NOMINEE

"5ª Punkada - Blues da Quinta" by Telmo Soares

(Music Video . Portugal) 

"Leyya - Someone/Fix it" by René Rodlauer & Sophie Lindinger (Music Video - Austria)

"Satori" by Lucas Gingles
(Music Video - Argentina)

"A Feast That Never Comes" by Maria Juranic
(Music Video - United States)

"Across the Ocean" by Michael W. Choi
(Music Video - Republic of Korea)

"WAVES" by Alberto Nacci
(Music Video - Italy)

"GOOD TIMES" by Anton Uribe Ortega
(Music Video - Spain)

"Inside Out" by Karan Wadhwa
(Music Video - United States)

"Mindset – Am I Lost" by Amit Bensangi
(Music Video - Israel)

"DE.VILLE - WATER" by Jean-Vital Joliat
(Music Video - Canada)

"Marbella" by Igor Evard
(Music Video . Russian Federation)

"Lus Kinder – I'm Talking To a Tree" by Vlad Khaydurov
(Music Video - Russian Federation)

""Mátalos y vuelve by Xabi Mendibe Salazar
(Music Video . Spain)

"Over her" by Lina Åström
(Web / TV Series - Sweden)

"Lost & Found Abroad" by Kalin Ivanov, David Moya

& Vanina Kondova

(Web / Tv Series - United States)

(Director, Screenplay, Editing, Cinematography, Actor/Actress, and Soundtrack)

"For I Am Dead" by Patricia Delso Lucas

(Director, Belgium) - Official Selection
(Cinematography, Belgium) - NOMINEE

"A Feast That Never Comes" by Maria Juranic

(Editing, USA) - Official Selection

(Director, USA) - NOMINEE

"The Chimera" by Niccolò Notario
(Soundtrack,  Italy) - NOMINEE

"The drain" by Alexia Haick
(Soundtrack, Brazil) - NOMINEE

"Hamleyed" by Pedro Blanco-Uribe
(Screenplay, USA) - Official Selection
(Director, USA) - NOMINEE

"On the Second Floor" by Marco Araujo
(Screenplay, Spain) - Official Selection
(Actress, Spain) - 

"TERMINUS" by Jamie Weston
(Cinematography, United Kingdom) - NOMINEE


"Ashes" by Mustapha Farmati
(Director, Morocco) Official Selection
(Cinematography, Morocco) - NOMINEE

"Avenger" by Zhu Yongkang
(directed by Lingyi Zhou)
(Cinematography, China) - NOMINEE

"The Sound Eye" by Rodney Mansour
(Editing, Australia)

"The Guitar Thief" by Miguel Lepe Jr
(Actor and Editing, USA)

"TERMINUS" by Jamie Weston
(Director, United Kingdom)

"The 13th Adventure of Raider the Skinny" by Dylan Sparano
(Screenplay, USA)

"DO UT DES" by Dario Germani
(Director, Italy)

"Bizzarro e Fantastico" by Kris Krainock
(Screeplay, USA)

"Um Palmo" by Wagner Sampaio
(Screenplay, Brazil)

"The Promotion" by Florencia Minniti

(Screenplay, USA)

"Without a Promise" by Tati Baramia
(Actor/Actress, Georgia)

"Memory of the Forgotten" by Marta Arjona, Marta Arjona, Raquel Rodríguez & Joan Arjona)
(Director, Spain)


"Jacuzzi" by Theodore Cuartas
(Actor, USA)

(Director, Screenplay, Editing, Cinematography, Actor/Actress, and Soundtrack)


"Le Buron" by Léo Pons
(Screenplay, France)

"I am here" by  Allen Forouhar
(Editing, Canada)

"Booksmart" by Côme Ferré
(Actor, France)

"I want to hear the word on the street" by Yuki Takashima
(Screenplay, Japan)

"Domingo Tutorials" by Miguel Pertejo
(Screenplay, Spain)

"Arsenio & Altagracia" by Andres Romero Gallego
(Actor, Spain)

"Who is linda?" by Federico Rabinovich
(Screenplay, USA)

"Manic Attacks" by Lucie Podobska
(Sceenplay, United Kingdom)

"Queen of Marismas (Marshes)" by Mario Leclere
(Actor/Actress and Cinematography, Spain)

"Behind The Wall" by Tanya Gambourg
(Actor and Cinematography, USA)

" LIKE YOUR FATHER" by Isabel Bernal
(Actress, Spain)

"Deadly Thoughts" by Omar Cook & Adonis Armstrong
(Actor, USA)

"CLEAR WATER" by zhicheng zhang

(Actor, USA)

"UNTIL WHEN?" by Ricardo Soares
(Actress, Brazil)

"Who's Afraid of the Big Black Wolf?" by Janez Lapajne
(Actor, Slovenia)

"Sofia's Original State" by Carol Fernandes & Nina Coimbra

(Cinematography, Brazil)

"New York Tango" by Pablo Raul
(Soundtrack, USA)

"Imbas" by Xan Gilmour
(Cinematography, United Kingdom)

"Night, Mother" by John Patrick Lowrie
(Actress, USA)

"America v2.1: The Sad Demise & Eventual Extinction of the American Negro" by Stacey Rose
(Screeplay, USA)

All selected projects can request their Official Selection and Nominee MADFA Trophies!

Only a few Short Film Nominees or Winners will be screening in the live event

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