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Exclusive Interview with Emiliano Sette & Raúl Koler

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

"Anacronte" by Emiliano Sette y Raúl Koler

Emiliano Sette

Raúl Koler

- First of all, congratulations for your remarkable short film!

Your film tells a strong story! How did the idea come about?

Well, this is an original idea by Raul Koler who thought in the first time in making big paint with this concept. The first picture in his mind was all humanity walking in an infinity plane and behind them were Anacronte and the sorcerers of evil, that transforming their bodies become in bows and arrow, they shoot to the humanity their evil.  

Later Raúl talked with a common friend and he finds better the idea to make a film. We began to work building the dramatic arc with the writer Sabrina Pace while we start to explore the firsts characters' design with our art director Nelson Luty, another big process on this trip.    

- How was the relationship with your team?

Anacronte has a big family. The project was a co-production Argentina-Mexico and we had to find the best workflow to articulate both teams. We made in Argentina all the creative phases (script, character design, storyboard, environments, original score, sound design), and in Mexico with Exodo animation studio´s friends, we work modeling, textures, animation and render. Today we have the possibility to work big projects and a long process with an online workflow without hesitation, the first time 4 years ago this was a big challenge, but we had the luck to find the correct artists to do it.      

- In addition to a great story, the animation is impeccable. How has the process of creating the settings and characters been? (inspirations, times, details)

Anacronte is a Universal story and that pushed us to create environments that represent different places worldwide, like a refugee camp, a Chinese circus, a street of Buenos Aires among others. We were looking for a realistic look and in this sense the concept art of Nelson Luty and his team and the textures in the final look were fantastic. But I think that the real challenge for us was the Anacronte´s character design because we needed to find a design without a reference´s realistic element. This character represents humanity´s evils and that don't have a similar in life. After many drawing sketches of Nelson, we could know the spooky Anacronte´s face.   - How would you define your personal experience with cinema as a filmmaker?

Maybe like in other art expressions the cinematographic projects say a lot about ourselves, each phase of our life has a project that represents us in some way. My experience as a filmmaker is about learning because the set is a great crash in where a lot of artists from different places collision in an event that has some map for making the way, but really the result is a big mystery.

- What is the life of the filmmaker like in Argentina?

The life of the filmmaker in my country is like hunting, here we need to find the lifestyle that give us the possibility to make our personal projects, instead of that our projects be our style life. The filmmaker life is that I think, but Argentina has a deficit of opportunities for its artists among a lot of other priorities stuff.  

In other hands, we are living times where the projects have the possibility to find fertile ground in more than one place, don´t just for the co-production budget but also for the possibility to find a workflow with people all over the world with the same necessity of you, and the communication tools for that are in our hands.  

- Has the film met your expectations when planning it?

Definitely and more, yesterday we arrive at 100 festivals won worldwide this was unexpected for us.  

We believed in this story and when we began to find the visual concept we had a lot of expectations, but we are so surprised for the great reception, the festivals trip, and the audience's words after each screening. This was a very emotional project for us and when the people and the juries talk about their own experience after the screenings we go back to connect with the creation´s moment.

We have one year of distribution front us and we are excited to see what´ll happen with the short. - Can you tell us something about your next job? Do you have in mind the making of a feature film?

Well, the short film is having its echo. We are working in Anacronte´s spin-off that became in Tv series, we are writing the project with the compromise of the show it this year. This project gave us big know-how, we create a fantastic team and all that synergy full us of energy to make new things.

In other hand, we hope that the feature film landing soon.  

- Thank you for giving us the opportunity to speak with you!

We will be attentive to your next works!

Madrid Film Awards I Press Team



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