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Exclusive Interview with Peter Halmi

The Necklace”

Written and directed by Peter Halmi

1 - First of all, congratulations for your remarkable short film! How’d you get into cinematography?

My father was a CEO in theater so I grew up in a theatrical atmosphere. Already as a child I loved the wonderful music of Verdi and Puccini. I started my career as a theater director. My fiancée Kristina Goztola, who is the female protagonist of “Le Collier / The Necklace” and is also the producer of the film, has extensive international film experience. Kristina played with big actors as Rosamund Pike, Jason Clarke. She seduced me into the world of films. 2 - How would you define your personal experience with cinema as a filmmaker?

I think it's important for the director to believe in his actors, the cameraman and all the members of the crew. That way the actors feel safe in front of the camera.

I put big emphasize on rehearsal with the actors before shooting and on the post-production since the film then receives its final form. While I was writing the script of “The Necklace” and saw the pictures visually in front of me, I immediately had melodies in my head.

3 - Your movie has a great reflexive approach. What was the first film that achieved such an effect on you?

Italian and French classic films of the 60s and 70s enchant me in which harmony and beauty dominate like Fellini's Dolce Vita. That's why we are proud that we got the Sweden Film Awards a few days ago.

4 - Do you have another project in mind with a similar approach?

I'm working on the next script. I aspire to create again the triple unit of art: drama, music and beauty such as in opera performances. I like presenting the events from the protagonist's point of view.

5 - What industry figure do you feel identified with, what have your influences been?

My aim is to be myself, creating my own style. When I worked as a director in Los Angeles I lived in a house that used to be Frank Capra's home in Hollywood. Capra was an Oscar Award film director in the 30s 40s. The house was full of his movie posters and I was deeply fascinated by the whole atmosphere. Capra is the role model for artists like Steven Spielberg, David Lynch, Martin Scorsese, Olivier Stone, whose art has a great impact on me.

6 - Tell us about the backstage. What were the most complex or difficult things you had to solve during filming (technically and/or emotionally)?

Michel's character in our film is blind. Our friend parisian Jean-Philippe is a musician and is also blind. His wonderful personality had an effect on my writing the script of "The Necklace”.

We had to face literally some roadblocks during the shooting. As at the beginning of January when we started the shooting, the public transport was shutdown in Paris but we cleverly solved it.

7 - Do you plan to make a full-length film?

I'm working on the script of a feature film, depicting the complexity and vulnerability of a classic female figure. I hope I can tell you about this shooting soon.

-- Thank you for giving us the opportunity to speak with you! We will be attentive to your next jobs! Madrid Film Awards I Press Team



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